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Dear Fathers, Parish Life Coordinators and Parish Directors,

On September 27, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, will “reach out” to immigrants and refugees in a symbolic gesture during his Papal audience. This will be the official launch of a Share the Journey global migration campaign. Following the launch, the US Bishops are calling for a Week of Prayer and Action from October 7 through October 14.

I encourage you to promote this campaign in your parishes, schools and religious education programs. Some suggestions for communicating this event are:

• Distribute prayer and commitment sheets (in English and Spanish) and say the prayer together as a community.
• Use the “Share the Journey” Parish Toolkit for prayers, bulletin announcements and homilies. (Attached)
• Hold a special Mass celebrating refugees and immigrants.
• Invite classes and groups to spend some time learning about why people leave their home countries, common myths about the issue, and what the Church teaches.
• Spread awareness about the campaign on your websites and by using the hashtag #sharejourney on social media. Post pictures of your “reaching out” photos.

Please download the Parish Toolkit entitled, “Love Your Neighbor” that includes general information, a prayer and commitment sheet, general intercessions, bulletin inserts, and homily notes to assist you in promoting this important event.

In gratitude to you for all you do to support continuing awareness of this important issue,

I remain sincerely yours in the Lord,


Most Rev. James P. Powers
Bishop of Superior

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