Bishop James Powers responds to the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision


May 14, 2020

Bishop James Powers responds to the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision.

Easter Season Greetings from the Chancery in Superior. Last night’s Wisconsin Supreme Court decision striking down most of Governor Evers’ Safer At Home Order was expected. However, it was also expected that the decision would be stayed for a few days to allow a safe and smart response. The Diocese will not be making any changes at this time.

We continue to pray for all those infected by Covid19 and for the medical providers and other workers at risk of exposure. I also continue to pray daily for all in our Diocese, especially our priests, parish staff and parishioners during these times of no Mass and Eucharist.

I am pleased that most of our Diocesan churches have been open for holy hours of private prayer with 9 or less people at a time, and many have provided livestreamed and recorded Mass.

I have been steadily working on a plan with the other four Bishops of the State to resume Holy Communion services for less than 10 parishioners at a time to start in the next week or two. Also, I am working on a plan to resume limited public weekend Mass as soon as it seems prudent, of course with health precautions, attendance limits, social distancing, etc.

Again, at this time, the Diocese of Superior will not make any immediate changes. We will be reassessing the situation daily as the State of Wisconsin and our local governments determine the new Covid19 rules.

Let us keep our hope in the Risen Christ during this time. Mother Mary, pray for us.

5 thoughts on “Bishop James Powers responds to the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision”

  1. Thomas Spaniol

    I think this was a tremendous decision. As bad as it is to not join as a congregation in celebration of Jesus Christ, it just makes sense at this time. Video Mass, prayer, evening prayers, and daily comments from our pastors are powerful and reassuring, a few more weeks and patience will be our best course of action. Father Patrick McConnell, you are doing an exemplary service. God Bless you all.

  2. Caroline Lenz

    Please open churches for Mass. There is little to none of the China virus in our diocese. To keep people from the Eucharist is doing more harm than good.

  3. Lucille Brandner

    Thank you Bishop Powers. You are doing the right thing being cautious at this time. It is too soon to just open things up as we are not sure what could happen. Starting slowly will be good at whatever time you deem it possible. Father Patrick McConnell is doing such a great job streaming mass and other devotions here at Medford.

  4. John Doe Pewsitter

    How many souls went to help during this time in the diocese because they could not find a priest to give him the sacraments? 1000s sick and dead with the sacraments is better than 1 soul going to hell without them. As a person told me, “I’d rather die with the sacraments than live without them.” Is Safer at Home really Safer at Home when the results will be increased suicides, alcoholism and drug addiction, suicides, domestic violence and the possibility of famine? Seems some science is not based on real life and is agenda driven. To all those bishops and priests in hiding, I say, Come out, come out, wherever you are! I think we’d all be Safer in Church than at home. Maybe not in your churches since you think what you have to offer is non-essential. I do not need the nanny state or church telling me how to take care of my health, I think I have a pretty strong sense of self preservation. I need the church to give me what I cannot do without and cannot produce——–JESUS.

  5. I feel the decision to suspend mass in community churches was a good decision. I do miss not having the Eucharist, but this will not last forever

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