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Vatican publishes papal primacy document aimed at ‘a reunited Church’

Vatican publishes papal primacy document aimed at ‘a reunited Church’

Vatican publishes papal primacy document aimed at ‘a reunited Church’

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Local News

Hudson parishioners’ nursery offers cemetery service

By |June 7, 2024|

A married couple of lifelong St. Patrick, Hudson, parishioners who operate a local nursery continue to offer signup for providing commemoratory plant pots and watering services at three large Catholic cemeteries, with the proceeds going to the local Councils of Catholic Women.

Health Ministry serves mind, body, spirit

By |June 7, 2024|

In 2016, Mary Freitag approached her then-pastor Fr. Tom Thompson at St. Anthony the Abbot in Cumberland about starting a health ministry. Eight years later, and following a pandemic hiatus, the ministry team is going strong and continues offering programs to the clustered parishes in Cumberland, Almena and Turtle Lake.

World News

Pope recognizes miracle needed for church’s first ‘millennial’ saint

By |May 23, 2024|

Pope Francis formally recognized a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Carlo Acutis, a 15-year-old Italian teenager whose birth in 1991 will make him the first "millennial" to become a saint.

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Lessons from sister who fell off a cliff

By |June 7, 2024|

What started as a day when Sr. Julia Walsh planned to revisit some favorite childhood memories ended with her in an emergency room due to traumatic injuries sustained in a fall that could have killed her. As with many instances of suffering, this one led Sr. Julia to reflect on her life and faith. She shares her story in the memoir, “For Love of the Broken Body,” and we discussed it recently on “Christopher Closeup.”

St. George and the generative chaos of children

By |May 10, 2024|

On April 27, our family (belatedly) celebrated St. George’s Day. My husband (English) launches the same lecture series every spring when the patron saint of Ireland garners worldwide attention (it may have something to do with the green beer), while the feast of England’s dragon-killing patron goes largely unnoticed in this country. Thus, we must compensate.

Christ’s resurrection surpasses his passion

By |April 12, 2024|

It can seem like the transition from Lent to Easter is more relief than rejoicing. After sticking with, or starting over and over, our Lenten asceticism, we shift to singing “alleluias” without deeper awareness. Glad the 40 days of sacrifice is over, I think we often forget that the church calls us to 50 days of Easter celebration.

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