Bishop Peter F. Christensen

Bishop Peter F. Christensen

My Dear Friends in Christ,

During Catholic Schools Week this year — January 26 to February 1 — we celebrate our fifteen Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese of Superior.

Our Catholic schools are truly Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service, as this year’s theme indicates. Our students attend Mass weekly, pray the rosary, pray in adoration and learn of our faith. The many staff, teachers and volunteers who work in our schools are invaluable witnesses of faith for our children. Christ is truly present in each of our schools as we teach our students about living in Christ’s presence every moment of every day.

Our schools continue to have high academic standards for the students. Rigorous curriculum and stringent grading systems help our students to become hard workers and diligent learners. The majority of children who leave our schools go on to become very successful in high school, college and the work force. Not only do our students strive academically, they learn the basic life skills of a strong work ethic.

Our students learn that life is something given to them by God to share with others. They learn to love and care for those they go to school with as well as those throughout their community and the world. All students participate in various forms of service opportunities — whether it is collecting mittens, visiting the homebound or adopting a child from another country. Our schools continually integrate service and care for others into their daily schedules.

The emphasis of faith, knowledge and service in our schools shows that our schools are not just academic institutions, but rather places to nurture and grow Catholic families for the future of our Church. During this Catholic Schools Week, let us pray for the students, parents, staff and volunteers in our Catholic Schools. If you are able, please offer a monetary donation to the Catholic Schools Week collection to help them continue to build the Church for the future. May the Lord bless our schools, students, parents, teachers and you in our journey of faith.

I remain gratefully yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Peter F. Christensen
Bishop of Superior