The crops are being gathered
The first snow has fallen
The nights are getting longer
In the midst of our busy lives
Let us pause to thank God
For all his many blessings
That we so often take for granted
For life and your love; we give thanks
For family and friends; we give thanks
For food and shelter; we give thanks
For health and happiness; we give thanks
For faith, hope and love; we give thanks

Heavenly Father, source of all that is good, look kindly on us and receive our heartfelt gratitude for all the many graces you have so freely showered upon us.

My sisters and brothers, I pray the God and Father of us all will continue to guide, guard, bless and protect us, one and all.

I pray this through your son, Jesus, our Lord and brother.

Bishop James P. Powers

Bishop James P. Powers
Diocese of Superior