Catholic Herald reporter Jenny Snarski adventures with her new friend, Wade the WonderStuffed, in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve Nature Area in Southwest Wisconsin’s Driftless region. Learn more about Wade and how you can wonderstuff yourself in nature (hey, it’s 0 calories!) at Snarski’s new website,, or search for Jenny Larks on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. (Submitted photo)

Four years has flown by since I started this job in July 2017! It has been a privilege to meet so many faith-filled and service-minded Catholics, visit your parishes and share your “Superior” stories.

I began working for the Catholic Herald with a distinct sense I was answering a call from God. With similar conviction, I invite you to continue together on the journey with me as I embark on new adventures.

Adventures I hope will fill with wonder, renew bodies and minds, open spirits to God’s presence all around, give us confidence in becoming aware of God’s providence in our history and make us courageous in adding our own lines through how we notice and live faith in daily life.

I have recently launched a side business called “WonderStuffed.” This initiative’s primary goal is to “make your recreation moments of re-creation,” and it will focus primarily on places in and near northern Wisconsin.

While geared towards renewing recreation for families in particular, I will be presenting tools and resources with couples, retirees, groups of friends and individuals also in mind.

In fact, my husband and I find that with our busy family of four (6-17 years old), personal time to recharge is almost essential for enjoying and making meaningful family time, and I will show how and where to make that happen.

WonderStuffed will provide local travel guides, as well as customized itineraries that integrate outdoor adventures with enriching experiences in addition to sharing reviews and recommendations (mine and yours!).

Did you know that our corner of the state sits atop one-billion-year-old volcanic rock? And do you know what connection those ancient explosions have with the agates you can find on Lake Superior’s shores? (I also have some secret tips about the best places my family has found some beauties…)

How many know that you can climb St. Peter’s Dome right here in Ashland County? Or that the Catholic missionary history in the Upper Great Lakes, specifically the Chequamegon Bay, pre-dates many of the oldest Catholic Churches in the United States?

Last weekend I even visited Mt. Tabor – had quite the mountaintop experience – and made it home in about three hours.

There is much wonder to be found in natural and cultural wonders close to home.

Facilitating “out-of-this-world memories in out-of-the-way places” and showing you how to wonderstuff during dedicated recreation, it is my prayer and goal to help you learn to connect again and again with those moments of grace in everyday life.

Wade, WonderStuffed’s mascot, looks forward to introducing you to his friend, Catholic Harold, who will be our guide to discovering the regional Catholic history and heritage. His first focus will be the diocese’s parishes under the patronage of St. Joseph – one being the oldest church in the state!

Are you ready to get WonderStuffed?