GLOBAL.CH squareBeing Catholic is a deeper and richer experience when we share in one another’s journeys.

Our Superior Catholic Herald is truly a patchwork quilt of faces, missions and ministries from across the Diocese of Superior. How beautiful it is to look at the issues of the last few months and see so much local news we have published!
More than ever, Catholics across northern Wisconsin are sending and emailing their news, photos and story ideas, telling us of their projects and giving others the opportunity to learn from those experiences.

We are grateful. Communication is a community effort, and you are our community. Without your help, we cannot adequately reflect the vibrancy and generosity of our local church, i.e., our Catholic community.

Spring and summer are busy seasons – centennial celebrations and chicken dinners, confirmations and weddings, visits from Bishop Powers and mission trips abroad.

Our diocese is vast and, as is the case with most Catholic ministries, our budget is limited.

We simply do not have the staff or money to travel from corner to corner, reporting on events that are, in many cases, of historic importance to parishes and the families who sustain them.

But, we know the newsworthiness of these events. Thus, we place boxes all over the newspaper requesting your submissions. We reach out to schools for regular updates on student activities, and we seek to connect with parishes geographically distant from Superior that might otherwise remain on the margins. That is one reason why we started the “Welcome to our parish” feature that usually appears on the back page.

As our children and grandchildren return to school, and the days grow cooler and the final harvest begins, we invite you to keep the news coming. Send us story ideas, news submissions and event listings.

If you are an artisan, business owner or crafter, place an ad with us to reach thousands of Catholics in your region. The same is true if your parish is sponsoring an event. Call 715-394-0214 for details.

We’d also love to hear from freelance writers and photographers who want to pitch stories, share images or get on our list of freelancers. We love a paper threaded with new voices!

Mostly, we hope reading the Superior Catholic Herald is an uplifting experience. These can be difficult and dispiriting times, so we look to our faith for wisdom and solace.

May we always journey together, cloaked in the light of God’s love!

Communications can be sent to or Superior Catholic Herald, P.O. Box 969, Superior, WI 54880.

Autumn blessings to you all!

Anita Draper