Notice from Bishop James P. Powers regarding scams

By |January 27, 2021|

If anyone contacts you claiming to be me, someone from the diocese (chancery office personnel), a priest, parish employee or anyone else honestly affiliated with the Catholic of the Diocese of Superior calls, texts, emails or contacts you by any other form of communication asking you to send money or get gift cards of any kind, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR REQUEST. IT IS A SCAM.

What is your practice?

By |January 22, 2021|

Today, the common question in spiritual circles is not, “What is your church or your religion?” but, “What is your practice?” What is your practice? What is your particular explicit prayer practice? Is it Christian? Buddhist? Islamic? Secular? Do you meditate? Do you do centering prayer? Do you practice mindfulness? For how long do you do this each day?

A prescription refill for coping with COVID

By |January 21, 2021|

There’s nothing quite like a good Chuck Norris joke. A while back, my family went through a streak of sharing one-liners and memes heralding the prowess of Norris, now 80 years old. It was unbeatable humor even for the siblings who couldn’t tell you what he did before the turn of the century.

The one certain truth of 2021

By |January 7, 2021|

“A baby is God’s way of saying the world should go on.” My mother spoke this truth a thousand times while I was growing up. She said it every time we heard news of a friend or relative expecting a baby, but also each time the world darkened with terrible suffering or personal tragedy. She saw in each human life a great possibility: the prospect of new beginnings meeting the promise of hope.

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