John McLoughlin (Submitted photo)

John McLoughlin (Submitted photo)

The new administrative assistant in the Diocese of Superior’s Office of Worship is a self-professed “language geek” who teaches Latin and Hebrew.

Born and raised in Duluth, John McLoughlin attended St. John Vianney Seminary at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, for two years before realizing the priesthood was not his calling.

Although he was baptized Catholic, McLoughlin said religion was not part of his home life. His religious explorations began with the six-block walk to a Jewish temple, where he started studying Hebrew in eighth grade.

“That was just kind of an interest for quite awhile,” he added.

By the end of high school, McLoughlin, who is also a musician, had found his way back to the Catholic Church. He lives in Duluth, where he teaches Latin and Hebrew and plays organ and piano.

“I’ve been really into music all my life,” he said.

Visitors to the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe, Duluth, and other local venues will hear McLoughlin performing classical and jazz pieces on the piano.

He also plays organ at St. Benedict, Duluth, and served in the church’s Latin Masses.
He was hired this summer to replace Becky Stuart, a 21-year employee of the diocese. He can be reached at or 715-392-2937, ext. 2212.