A pilgrim from Nativity of Our Lord parish holds a sign during the March for Life. This is the fifth year students from Rhinelander have participated. (Submitted photo)

Jenny Snarski
Catholic Herald Staff

Writer’s note: This list of tips is edited from content provided by Laura Fenzl, the youth minister at Nativity of Our Lord, Rhinelander. Due to some difficulties starting a Students for Life group at the local high school, Rhinelander’s pro-life student organization is run as a community-based group. Approximately 12 students gather monthly to plan local pro-life projects, including hosting a booth at the Oneida County Fair, participating in the Fourth of July campaign and holding fundraisers for Woodruff’s New Dawn Pregnancy Resource Center.

1. Begin with vocal prayer intentions for the pre-born and those struggling to live chastity.
2. Inform students with age-appropriate materials.
3. Discuss the everyday effects of a culture of death.
4. Enlist students and parents to find and promote pro-life medical professionals.
5. Partner with other local groups’ pro-life activities.
6. Make Pro-life events fun. Large baby face masks really do help.
7. Find free support at www.studentsforlife.org.