Superior, Wisconsin – March 18, 2020 – In a statement released yesterday, Most Rev. James P. Powers, Bishop of Superior said, “Effective Wednesday, March 18, I am suspending the public celebration of Masses until further notice.”

“This action is something I take very seriously,” said Bishop Powers. “The celebration of the Eucharist is the indispensable source and summit of the Christian life. Historically, in times of crisis, the faithful naturally turn to the Church for comfort and direction and we need to do whatever we can to support our people. Therefore, although the public celebration of the Mass is suspended, I ask that we as bishop and priests, the spiritual shepherds of the Diocese, continue to celebrate weekday and Sunday Masses. I also ask, that where possible, our churches remain open at least part of the day for private prayer and that you encourage your people to reserve some part of their day for private prayer and devotions.”

The Diocese’s 14 Catholic schools are discontinuing in-school instruction as of March 18, and all parish classroom Religious Education programs and non-essential gatherings should be stopped as well. Mrs. Peggy Schoenfuss, Superintendent of Catholic Schools and Director of Catholic Formation, is working with school principals and directors of religious education in helping to develop plans for online and other homeschooling possibilities.

The Diocese of Superior is comprised of over 23,000 Catholic households, 103 parishes, and 14 Catholic schools in a 16 county region of northern Wisconsin.

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