Two students at St. Mary’s School in Tomahawk celebrate during the group scavenger hunt in the church. Students were given an overview of elements in the worship space and then paired up to find a number of those as a learning experience. (Submitted photo)

Fr. Louis Maramreddy
St. Mary’s Church, Tomahawk

Catholic schools encourage the student to love and care (for) one another, attending holy Mass and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. When the students make use of these opportunities with faith with the encouragement of their parents and teachers with their exemplary life, definitely the students bolster their faith and sacramental life.

In our school, we are planning to have families get together and discuss the problems of living their faith, and we are going to stress the role of the father in the family to be courageous in leading the family in faith while protecting the family from outside evils.

Students need to know not just the academic knowledge but the development of the total personality to face the challenges of the world. We need to give opportunity to the students to interact with each other and outside the school under that guidance.

They are our students forever, and hence we need to arrange to get together and be a support and encourage them. Be open to the questions and have patience to answer them. Give them the freedom to come to our school for any help or support.