Fr. Laski prays the Eucharistic Prayer for the first time. (Catholic Herald photo by Janelle Roe)

Fr. Laski prays the Eucharistic Prayer for the first time. (Catholic Herald photo by Janelle Roe)

Anita Draper
Catholic Herald staff

A former bishop of the diocese and its newest priest were greeted with joy Sunday, June 7, at the Cathedral of Christ the King, Superior.

More than 600 people packed the cathedral for the ordination of Deacon Adam Laski to the diocesan priesthood. Bishop Peter Christensen, who headed the Diocese of Superior until last December and now shepherds the Diocese of Boise, Idaho, presided over the ordination.

“My name is Bishop Peter Christensen,” he said, and the crowd laughed and clapped. “I thought you might have forgotten.”

During his homily, Bishop Christensen thanked Fr. Laski’s family, home parish of Holy Trinity, Haugen, and teaching parishes in Spooner and Somerset for contributing to the new priest’s formation.

“If you wonder why the Diocese of Superior has no bishop, it’s my fault,” the bishop joked.

Since moving to Boise, Bishop Christensen said he’s been praying the Vatican would hold off on announcing the Diocese of Superior’s new bishop until after Fr. Laski’s ordination.

“You deserve a great bishop, because you are great people,” he told the crowd. “But, life goes on.”

Bishop Christensen assured Fr. Laski that every person in the cathedral wanted to celebrate with him and support him, “and they are willing to walk with you on this journey.”

Addressing the newly ordained, the bishop spoke of how all priests, unless they have foolish pride, realize they have been chosen by God, and they must rely on God.

“You recognize this call … is not of your own doing,” he said. “At the same time, I trust you are already starting to feel the enormity of the responsibility.”

Relying on your own strength will not be enough, Bishop Christensen told Fr. Laski. “The Lord already knows that you’re not perfect, but he loves your willingness to do your best.”

God uses our talents, as well as our misfortunes, to remind us we need to be reliant, the bishop added.

“Our brokenness affords us humility,” he said. “Our Lord will give you his help in every situation.”

Even in challenging times, “The Lord will give you his peace,” the bishop added. God’s peace is unlike the world’s peace, he said, which comes through avoidance, control, manipulation or is “medicated through money or power or sex or whatever.”

“Know that you are his,” Bishop Christensen continued. “You become one with him each time you celebrate the Eucharist.”

The church is God’s bride, the bishop said, and his priests are entrusted with her care.

“Adam, God bless your journey. We are all here to support you,” he added. “Be at peace. You belong to Him. he has called you to this vocation, to this service.”

Following Mass, Bishop Christensen and Fr. Laski greeted the faithful at a reception in Kress Hall.

Fr. Laski begins his first assignment at the cathedral and its cluster parishes July 1.