Robert Stenberg

The appointment of Robert Stenberg as a new director for Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc., Superior, has been announced by Alan Rock, executive director of Catholic Charities Bureau.

Stenberg, a native of Duluth, assumed his responsibilities at Catholic Charities Bureau in late April, and will succeed Gary Valley, who is retiring after 21 years.

Stenberg has a varied work history of sales, marketing, supervision, training, advertising, customer service, and consulting. He has degrees in management and marketing from The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, an associate’s degree in broadcasting from Brown College in Minneapolis, and is a certified John Maxwell speaker, coach and trainer.

Stenberg expressed eagerness at working for Catholic Charities Bureau, saying, “I believe Catholic Charities Bureau is the best-kept secret in in the community. There is a difference from success and significance. Once you have tasted significance in your work, it is what you want to do. Catholic Charities Bureau does significance.”

Tracing its roots back to 1917, Catholic Charities Bureau has grown to include a collection of 140 programs in 87 communities. The work of Catholic Charities Bureau remains dedicated to creating an environment of human dignity based on mutual respect, understanding and trust for all people served in support of the social ministry for the Diocese of Superior