Seventeen women hosted the retreat for 23 women who attended the Women’s Welcome Weekend Oct. 8-9.

Twelve men put on a retreat for 13 men who attended the Men’s Welcome Weekend Oct. 1-2 at the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Center in Dobie. (Submitted photos)

On Oct. 1-2 and Oct. 8-9 the Four Parish, One Faith Catholic Community, consisting of Holy Trinity, Haugen; Our Lady of Lourdes, Dobie; St. John the Evangelist, Birchwood; and St. Joseph, Rice Lake, hosted Welcome Weekend Retreats.

The Welcome Weekend is an overnight retreat hosted by men and women, separately, of the parishes. The retreat consists of food, hospitality and fellowship with people in the parish area, and witness talks about how God has transformed and changed the lives of others.

Twelve men and 17 women spent six months preparing and hosted the retreat at the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Center. During preparation, the teams met weekly on Sunday evening for two hours. During the weekly meetings, they journeyed together through the Welcome Team Guide, which includes reflecting on the Gospels, sharing about generosity, the prayer process, and how to be an effective witness of Catholic faith.

The Welcome program is owned by Dynamic Catholic and exists to change lives and transform parishes.

The Men’s Welcome Weekend had 13 men in attendance and the women’s weekend hosted 23. The experience helps to renew parishes for those who put on the retreat and for those receiving it. It is a process that invites people to receive the Welcome Weekend and then to next “gift” the Welcome Weekend.

As each retreat takes place, a six-month formation journey will follow with those who attended the retreat. Each person who attends is given time to discern if it be God’s will for them to continue through the formation and be a part of the team to host the next retreat.