On Sunday, Feb. 24, the children, parishioners and altar servers of Ss. Peter and Paul Parish, Gilman, welcomed Fr. Madanu Lourdu Raju back from his visit to his home in India with a display of the works and the ministries of a priest.

It was an opportunity to teach the vocations of the priesthood, explained Sr. Mariana Ableidinger, FSPA, catechetical leader for the parish.

Students from grade 11 wrote Scripture verses regarding priesthood on the doves; third grade made pictures of the priest wearing a stole, which he wears while celebrating the sacraments. Fourth-graders colored crosses showing that a priest helps people carry their crosses as well as he must carry his own, and second grade displayed chalices portraying that a priest offers Mass for the people. Fifth-graders made the loaves and fishes, indicating that a miracle takes place at each Mass when the bread and wine are received.

Students from grade one colored Bibles to show that priests preach the Word of God. Kindergarten displayed praying hands, showing that priests pray for their people and people pray for priests.

Fr. Lourdu celebrates his birthday close to the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on Feb. 12, so the altar was decorated with saris brought back from India and orchids.