Editor’s note: Charlie Swanson recently joined the Diocese of Superior staff as a financial operations assistant.

Please tell us about yourself:

I am originally from Washburn (between Bayfield and Ashland) and grew up within the St. Louis parish. The elementary school has since closed, but the church is still a very active aspect of the town. I am very grateful to have grown up in a Catholic elementary school, not only because of the abundance of education I was exposed to, but because a lot of my faith and core childhood memories stem from such a beautiful little community within the parish. After graduating high school, I attended UW-Superior, where I received a degree in writing and a double minor in photography and marketing and communication. I still live in Superior and have just recently bought a house here, so I’m not going away anytime soon!

I am very close to my parents and consider them my best friends. Every night, you can find me on the phone with my dad as we watch “Wheel of Fortune” together, or I go on shopping dates with my mom on the weekends. I also have two rescue cats, Andy and Maisy, who are my whole world.

Outside of work, I am very passionate about animal rescue work and am active with several animal shelters in the Twin Ports and Chequamegon Bay area. I have done everything from volunteering at adoption events to wrangling stray pigs. I almost always have a foster cat at my house. Besides my life with animals, I also enjoy hiking, traveling, going to concerts and gardening.

What has brought you to work for the Diocese of Superior? 

Before accepting my position at the diocese, I was at a point in my career where I was feeling very unsatisfied. My mom, who works at a parish in the diocese, was sent a job opening and then forwarded it to me. The aspect of working for a church, working for a purpose, has always piqued my interest. On top of that, the people within the diocese were super welcoming and friendly from the beginning of my interview process. I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of having a friendly, tightknit work culture than being at a large corporation. Plus, the three-minute commute from my home to the chancery is nice, too.
What inspires you in your spiritual life?

What I find most inspiring is those around me who are actively living out their faith and are actively trying to better themselves from the day prior; those who are walking embodiments of the Lord. Those who have influenced my faith the most are my elementary school teachers at St. Louis. They each had their own perspective on Catholicism and allowed us as children to shape our own viewpoint throughout our education.

What are your professional goals and interests?

In any job I’ve had, I’m always interested in learning anything about the company, my position and beyond. I’m constantly striving to better myself and become more knowledgeable in my field. Professionally, I hope to keep growing and not settle.
What is your favorite quote?

My grandpa always used to say “Don’t get lost on the way home!” And while he would sometimes say it literally to someone as they were leaving, it is a phrase that my whole family has adapted and made our own interpretation.

Charlie Swanson