The Ladysmith Servite Sisters, also known as Servants of Mary, are part of the international Servite order founded in Florence, Italy, in 1233. Servite priests, brothers, sisters, cloistered nuns and laity can be found ministering on five continents. The Ladysmith group was founded in 1912 as a diocesan religious institute. Servites strive to be, like Mary, a compassionate presence in others’ lives.Sisters Sean Fox, Theresa Sandok, and Barbara Thomalla were installed as the Servants of Mary leadership team on Sept. 15. (Submitted photo)

The Ladysmith Servite Sisters installed a new leadership team for 2020-2024 during a Zoom gathering on Sept. 15.

Sr. Mary Alice Willems, who presided at the service, said, “Our predecessors could not have imagined a ceremony of this type even four years ago. Unfortunately, the pandemic necessitates it; fortunately, technology permits it.”

The members of the new leadership team are Sr. Sean Fox, Sr. Theresa Sandok and Sr. Barbara Thomalla.

Sr. Sean is beginning her fourth consecutive term in leadership. She previously worked as an attorney in the Chicago area, where she provided legal services to the bereaved and elderly in settling estates, and with disabled family members in planning for the disabled person’s care.
Sr. Theresa has served as the order’s president since 2000 and will continue in that role. She was a professor of philosophy and dean of the college of arts and sciences at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, where she also served as director of the Thomas Merton Center.

Sr. Barbara recently retired from her ministry as a public health nurse with St. Paul Ramsey County Public Health. She served two previous terms on the leadership team and now returns for a third term.