Bishop James P. Powers greets students after the central region Catholic schools Mass Friday on Oct. 6, in Ladysmith. (Catholic Herald photo by Jenny Snarski)

Jenny Snarski
Catholic Herald staff

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School hosted the central region Bishop’s Mass in Ladysmith on Friday, Oct. 6. This annual Mass gives the schools an opportunity to gather with their bishop and each other.

Students from Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School, Ladysmith; St. Joseph’s School, Rice Lake; St. Francis Solanus, Reserve; and St. Francis de Sales School, Spooner, attended. The north, east and west regions will gather for their bishop’s Mass during Catholic Schools Week in January.

Fr. Samuel Schneider and Fr. Greg Hopefl concelebrated with the bishop, and Deacon Craig Voldberg assisted.

Before preaching on the day’s readings and reflecting deeper with the students on the sacrament of Reconciliation, the bishop took questions from the children.

One student asked if he liked being bishop. He responded, after a pause, “I’m getting used to it,” then added that there a lot of good things about it.

“What is your hat for?” another questioned. “To wear,” Bishop Powers chuckled and explained the historical context and current understanding as a visible sign of one’s role in the church, differentiated by color.

To the question “Is is hard being a bishop?” he acknowledged there are times it is hard. He continued, “But that’s with anything — there are times it’s hard being a student. There are times it’s hard to be a brother or a sister. There are times it’s hard to be a teacher, or a parent, or whatever situation we find ourselves in, there are times when it’s difficult. Which is why our faith is so important because our faith in God is with us regardless of what stage in life we find ourselves in, whatever occupation.”

The last question the bishop took was “What’s your favorite thing about being the bishop?” “Being here today,” Bishop Powers answered.