Catholic Herald Staff

Budding writers at St. Bridget Catholic School, River Falls, won all four prizes in a writing contest sponsored by a local chapter of the American Association of University Women.

The eighth-graders wrote about women in science, according to St. Bridget language arts teacher Billie Robinson.

Winners of the $25 prizes were Danielle Miller; Morgan Steckbauer; Jazlynn Prudlow; and Sophia Swenson.

A nontraditional student who earned her bachelors degree at 35, Robinson has been teaching at St. Bridget for two years. She believes good writing skills are key to effective communication.

“If a child can write, they can speak more eloquently, and in turn they are able to express their feelings more easily,” she explained. “I promote language and reading through a wide variety of literature choices.”

In her classroom, students can peruse books of many styles and genres.
“I strive to provide lessons, novels, and opportunities in which all students will find interest,” she added. “With these opportunities, I hope students find a love for both reading and writing.”

The school also promotes writing through contests; sixth-grader Maddie Buck won the Martin Luther King Jr. writing contest for middle school students, which was sponsored by the River Falls MLK Planning Team and held in conjunction with a community breakfast at St. Bridget Catholic Church.

Essayists were prompted to “Reimagine the future: education – equality – economic stability – and opportunity.” The prize was a T-shirt and a laminated copy of the essay for framing.

For Robinson, teaching at St. Bridget is pleasure enough.

“I have a passion for reading, writing, and children,” she said. “I love teaching here. It is an amazing place to be. The best part of my job is when the students realize what they have learned.  I love to see that ‘light go on.’”

Quality Education

The following essay, written by Maddie Buck, was the winning entry in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest sponsored by the River Falls MLK Planning Team.

I believe that if all people were given the chance at a quality education it would help them have a better chance at getting a better job and living a better life. Once a person becomes educated they have more opportunities to meet people from other cultures, religions and other walks of life. We can become more accepting of each other when we learn and understand each other’s backgrounds. It also allows people to get the medicine and shots that people need. Quality education allows you to learn other languages, so that when you travel to other countries you can communicate with the people there.

A quality education can help save children’s lives and make people healthier because people are learning to make better choices. All people should be allowed the chance at a quality education. This would allow people to follow their dreams and help the world become a better place. People could promote equal rights, reduce poverty, and boost their income if they were educated and understood these things. People will be more independent and feel self-confidant with an education.

Education will help people get into good colleges and businesses. If people receive a quality education, people will help one another more and they won’t feel jealous or sad. Quality education today is important to have because you need to know how things work and how to do things right. Education helps people be creative with their minds. Quality education also allows people to be successful in life. A quality education would help to bring people together. If all people had the ability to get an education people would feel more equal.