12004757_10153531775562492_2157636846865131274_nMatt Sande
Sam Guzman
Pro-Life Wisconsin

A bill diverting federal Title X Family Planning funds away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) passed the State Assembly today. Assembly Bill (AB) 310 passed on a 60-35 vote.

“We thank Assembly Republicans for taking another bite out of Wisconsin’s abortion giant,” said Pro-Life Wisconsin (PLW) state director Dan Miller. “Abortion is not healthcare. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI), a non-profit organization with a net worth of over $10 million that profits from killing unborn babies, should not be considered a healthcare provider. Wisconsin cannot continue to throw money at organizations that perform abortions.”

Assembly Bill 310 would redirect federal Title X family planning funds away from organizations that perform abortions to public entities including state, county, and local health departments and clinics. Currently, $3.5 million annually in Title X funds are granted directly to PPWI as they are the sole applicant for the funds in Wisconsin. The legislation would require the state Department of Health Services to apply for the federal Title X grant and, if awarded the grant, give public health entities and programs first priority for funding. It would exclude organizations that provide abortion services from receiving any of the funds.

“Assembly Bill 310 respects the consciences of Wisconsin taxpayers who oppose the use of public funds for abortion,” said PLW Legislative Director Matt Sande. “Family planning funds undeniably free up resources within receiving organizations, like Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, to engage in the surgical abortion business. And despite their protestations, it is an open question whether they engage in the grisly trade of aborted fetal body parts. They cannot be trusted and are not entitled to the people of Wisconsin’s money.”