The Diocese of Superior’s second annual Homeschool Conference will take place at St. Joseph Church in Rice Lake on Saturday, Sept. 16. The event is designed for anyone who is homeschooling or considering it as a time to lift each other up, pray, learn and dive into the goodness of homeschooling.

The 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. conference includes Mass with Bishop James P. Powers, two keynote addresses, small-group discussions and lunch and ends with a brief presentation on evangelization and a panel discussion.

The featured presenter is a veteran homeschooler and founder of Well-Read Mom, Marcie Stokman. Her keynote addresses are titled “Cultural Renewal Begins with You,” and “Brothers and Sisters, We Need Each Other.”

The first talk will address the “wrecking ball headed for our culture” and the responsibility we have in maintaining the Christian cultural heritage. To the question, “Is it possible for a renewal and flowering of Christian culture in the years ahead?” Stokman gives a resounding, “Yes! The heart of our work as families is culture building.”

In her second talk, the speaker will address the loneliness epidemic and how reading and discussing literature can forge meaningful connections and help women grow in friendship.

Stokman founded the international movement and book club Well-Read Mom as fruit of her passion for the power of deep reading as transformative for lives and communities. As an author, national speaker and panel facilitator, she seeks to awaken the best in women and families, revitalizing the culture through her mission of encouraging women to read more and read well.

She has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and master’s degree in psychology and homeschooled her family for 25 years. She also co-founded a classical co-op for high school students. Stokman and her husband are parents of seven and grandparents of 13. They live in Crosby, Minnesota.

Details and registration information can be found at Questions can be directed to JulieAnne Johnson at . Childcare is available; please register as soon as possible if this is needed.

Marcie Stokman