Anne Snyder and Marie Hayes each celebrated their 100th birthdays in May. A shared celebration was thrown for them May 22. Pictured are (from left) Anne Snyder, Fr. James Tobolski, and Marie Hayes. Both women are members of St. Francis Xavier Church, Superior, where Fr. Tobolski is pastor. (Catholic Herald photo by Marcy Kasper)

SUPERIOR – On Tuesday, May 22, two parishioners of St. Francis Xavier, Superior, celebrated their 100th birthdays, together.

Anne Snyder and Marie Hayes have known each other since their grade school days at St. Albert’s Parochial School, located in the east end of Superior.

Anne was born May 12, 1918, at home in East End Superior, where she has lived her entire life. Anne married Paul Snyder on April 12, 1939. They were married for 58 years, until Paul’s death in 1998. In addition to being a homemaker, Anne has worked as a custodian for both St. Albert’s School and Parish. In 1965, the activities program was established at the former St. Francis Nursing Home, where she became the activities director. She was very proud in “providing the residents to participate in crafts, putting meaning into their lives.” She felt it gave them a sense of pride and satisfaction. “They were happier and looked forward to another day.”

As a centenarian, Anne remembers “no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no televisions/radios and using coal to heat and cook.” She currently keeps active with flower and vegetable gardening.

Anne’s family legacy includes one daughter, two granddaughters and three great-grandchildren.

When asked her secret to making it to 100, Anne said, “Do everything moderately and have faith and courage to travel this long road never expecting to do it and you have to be taught how to love sauerkraut.”

Marie Hayes was born May 24, 1918, also in the East End of Superior. Her family lived in the East End area most of her childhood. She remembers their house was small, without water and plumbing. About 1926, when Marie was 8 years old, her dad hired someone to add water and a bathroom to the house.

Marie married James Milchesky on May 25, 1937. When Marie’s children started school, she worked outside of the home at Fashion City, including modeling for the store, and the next door Hat Shop.

Later in life, Marie married Bill Hayes on Jan. 18, 1984. Marie’s family legacy includes a set of twins (boy and girl), one son, five grandchildren, six great-grandchildren (with one due in October), and two great-great-grandchildren.

When asked about living to the age of 100 Marie said, “I thank God almighty for being so wonderful to us that we can sit here and talk to you.”

Marie still attends Mass at St. Francis Xavier and thinks “Fr. Jim is wonderful.”