Immacualate Conception, Butternut.082516Immaculate Conception
410 Michigan St. W., County Hwy F,
Butternut, WI 54515
Phone: 715-769-3644
Year parish was established: 1885
Number of households: 124
Parochial Administrator: Fr. Shaji Joseph Pazhukkathara
Deacons: Robert Schienebeck, Chet Ball
Weekend Mass: Sunday, 8 a.m.

Describe your faith community:
“Immaculate Conception is one of three parishes in the Northwoods Community Cluster. St. Anthony of Padua, Park Falls, and St. Francis, Fifield, are the others. We share a priest, a retired priest – Fr. Ron Levra, and two deacons. Our parish has many members that are ‘snow birds.’ Our faith is deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition from the German and Polish settlers. Our members support one another in times of need and times of rejoicing.”

“When visitors come to our parish, they will …
… find our beautiful stained glass windows that grace the east and west walls of the church and have a lasting impression. Also, when Mass is held, the congregation participates with enthusiasm in prayer and singing along with our many talented cantors and musicians.”

In what way(s) does your parish proclaim the Gospel with its actions?
“Our members and youth organization regularly contribute to our local food pantry. The Ladies Sodality conducts a yearly raffle to raise money to provide luncheons to the families and friends at the time of the deceased member’s funeral or memorial service. The Knights of Columbus conduct their Tootsie Roll drive for various non-profit organizations. The faith formation students from the elementary grades are able to be released from their public school classrooms to attend their formation afternoon classes.”

What is something about your parish most people might not know?
“Our church was the first church in the Superior Diocese to have a tower clock. It was installed in 1911, replaced with an electric powered mechanical clock in 1920, which is still operating today.
“The tower also features an Angelus ringer that was installed in 1955. It is one of the few Angelus bells in the United States that is still operating with its original mechanical design.”