St. Florian
19315 Keystone Road, Mason, WI 54856
(Located in Bayfield County)
Phone: 715-682-7620
Year Parish was established: 1913, with a rededication in 1917
Number of households: 34
Pastor: Franciscan Fr. Paul Parè
Sacramental Minister: Fr. Joseph Kumar
Deacons: Deacon John Grek, Deacon Bill Holzhaeuser, Deacon Owen Gorman and Deacon Clarence Campbell
Weekend Mass Schedule: Saturday: 4 p.m., every other weekend, alternating with Ss. Peter and Paul, Moquah

Describe your faith community

The first settlers to arrive in Ino were from Bohemia, in 1909. There were also settlers from Slovakia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. The families established a spiritual community with the help of the Franciscan Fr. Francis Ramic. Fr. Florian Gerhardt, pastor at Washburn, during that time, is said to have planned and built the first church at Ino in 1913. The grateful parishioners named it St. Florian.

In 1916 lightening struck, and fire destroyed the church. In 1917 a new church was built and blessed by Bishop Joseph M. Koudelka, a fellow Bohemian, who also donated the church altar. The community is still a rural area and is keeping St. Florian Parish a spiritual and active Catholic Church year-round.

When visitors come to our parish, they will …

… Visitors are always welcomed, and are invited to any of our activities we have planned. The church grounds are surrounded by evergreens that were planted more than 75 years ago. St. Florian has a basement social hall. We celebrate an annual Christmas dinner, Mardi Gras, Memorial Day for the veterans, and this year is the 100th anniversary of St. Florian, in July.

In what way(s) does your parish proclaim the Gospel with its actions?

We’re open to all faiths and people for any family events, baptisms, weddings and funerals. St. Florian’s Altar Society and its parishioners are always ready to help out. The Altar Society is in charge for these activities and organizes them.

What is something about your parish that most people might now know?

When Sr. Florian burned down, history has it written that the original altar stone was saved, along with the original statue of St. Florian. (This huge statue is situated above the current altar.) Prayer services were held in the homes of John Visocky and Karol Lavota until the Jednota School was built and used for services. In 1950, a full basement was added, along with a water system and an oil furnace. In 1952 Bishop Albert G. Meyer attached the Ino parish as a mission to Ss. Peter and Paul in Moquah, and granted Benedictine Fr. Florian Herides permission to celebrate Mass at each parish. We are a small parish, but working hard to keep it a vibrant community. We have a wonderful deacon, John Grek, who helps out Fr. Paul Pare’ when needed.

St. Florian is the patron saint of Linz, Austria, chimney sweeps, soap makers, and fire fighters.