glenwoodthumbSt. John the Baptist
757 First Street,
Glenwood City, WI 54013
Phone: 715-265-7133
Year parish was established: 1886
Number of households: 256
Pastor: Rev. John R. Long
Deacon: Wes Tuttle
Weekend Masses: Saturday: 6 p.m. Sunday Mass time: 8:30 a.m. through Labor Day 2016; 10:30 a.m. after Labor Day 2016 through Labor Day 2017

Describe your faith community
“Our faith community is a mixture of many ethnic backgrounds, coming from the four corners of the world, forming one unified community of believers. The blend of nationalities makes our faith community stronger as we work together toward our common goal of seeing Jesus in the face of each other. We continue to welcome even more people of other ethnic backgrounds into our community and our church.”

“When visitors come to our parish, they will …
… see the expert craftsmanship of our ancestors in designing very beautiful Roman style architecture with very large beautiful stained glass windows depicting events described in Scripture. The morning and afternoon sun shining through them is an excellent prayer and meditation setting. You will be welcomed with a friendly smile and you will depart with a come-back-again-and-celebrate-with-us.”

In what way(s), does your parish proclaim the Gospel with its actions?
“Our parish has a very active outreach program. Mass is celebrated monthly at the local nursing home. Communion visits to the nursing home and shut-ins are done weekly. Our youth come forward at the offertory procession with their donations for youth programs – both foreign and local. We collect non-perishable food items monthly for the local food pantry. We assist the shelter for abused moms and children of Grace Place for the less fortunate. Our CCW and Knights of Columbus are very active with scholarships and church and community needs. We participate in an ecumenical Thanksgiving prayer service.”

What is something about your parish most people might not know?
Our parish is celebrating its centennial at this location in 2017. Each month we will highlight a different church/community theme.

Our parish has transitioned very well through the last 100 years. Many of the same family names of yesteryears are still active in the church today — a testament to the continuity of believers.