st-stanislaus-lublinSt. Stanislaus
W13381 South Street
Lublin, WI 54447
Located in Taylor County
Phone: 715-447-8510
Year parish was established: 1908
Number of households: 103
Parochial administrator: Fr. Madanu Lourdu Raju
Weekend Masses: Saturday vigil: 7 p.m.

Describe your faith community:
Lublin has a strong Polish foundation. Although there are few who can carry on a conversation in Polish, all understand the greeting in Polish, “Dzien dobre” (“Good morning”) which is wholeheartedly given. The Polka Mass is a favorite with the faith community at the time of the parish dinner and bazaar. Their Stations of the Cross bear the Polish titles. When the community of Lublin celebrated 100 years, officials came from Poland to celebrate with them.

“When visitors come to our parish, they will …
… experience people energetically sharing the events of the past week with each other as they walk in the door and where Father is at the entrance to await the beginning of Mass. The former priest, Fr. Sleeva, (gone at the end of August,) would join in the welcoming spirit with a few stories of his own. The entrance hymn is sung with enthusiasm and the organist and choir lead the congregation with fervor. Parishioners support their parish by volunteering for the liturgical ministries, especially in their love for music.”

In what ways does your parish proclaim the Gospel with its actions?
Prayer blankets are given to the sick and injured. Members belong to and support the Abiding Care Center that meets with pregnant girls and women, providing counseling and ultrasound visioning of the unborn child. The Council of Catholic Women gathers to pray and accompany the body at the time of the wake and funeral of a parishioner. Our parish collects non-perishable food items for the food pantry in Medford. Men and women work together to provide the annual dinner, games, raffle, music, and auction. Polka music in the park pavilion is a must! When there is a need in the community, funds are made available to share. Some members make cards and write letters.

What is something about your parish most people might not know?
This year the original Stations of the Cross, inscribed in Polish, were brought from the basement parish hall into the main body of the church. These enhance the interior of the church, as well as inspires greater devotion to the Passion of Christ. At Christmas, one may be astounded by the large wreath that encircles the crucifix in the sanctuary. In the beginning, the church was named All Saints until Fr. Stanislaus Topolski was assigned in 1911, when it seems to have become St. Stanislaus. However, All Saints Church of Lublin did not officially become St. Stanislaus Congregation of Lublin, Wisconsin, until Jan. 29, 1969.