St Pius X Church
11651 S US Hwy 53,
Solon Springs, WI 54873
Phone: 715-378- 4431
Year parish was established: Formally incorporated into the diocese in 1906, pre-dated by the original church, a log cabin, built by Franciscan missionaries and their parishioners in 1878 on the current site of the parish cemetery. Today’s timber frame homes wish they could look so authentic.

St. Pius X Church, Solon Springs, Wis. (Photo courtesy of Sam Lucero)

St. Pius X Church, Solon Springs, Wis. (Photo courtesy of Sam Lucero)

Number of households: 154
Pastor: Rev. James J. Kinney
Weekend Masses: Saturday: 5:30 p.m.; Sunday: 8:30 a.m.

Describe your faith community
“A wonderful blend of the faithful: young and old; working, retired, and neither; a rainbow of diverse ancestries; with a rich Native American and settler pedigree; a generous spattering of wandering urban and seasonal nomads; a love of winter and summer and all the various hunting, sporting and other appreciations of nature the great Northwoods can provide.”

“When visitors come to our parish, they will …
“… immediately sense a hearty, gracious, well-weathered community which loves to sing, pray, and see Christ in each other under the most glorious variety of guises. They will also see a special attachment to God’s beautiful earth and its seasons, and a commitment to embrace all the blessings of community, righteous work and relationship that a loving God never fails to provide.”

In what ways, does your parish proclaim the Gospel with its actions?
“With all the God-given heart, talent and wisdom that years of struggle as well as boon can bring to bear in reaching out and embracing strangers as well as old friends as we all move together toward union in God’s beautiful Son.”