St. Rita Church
11568 Lake St., Presque Isle, WI 54557
Located in Vilas County
Phone: 715-385-2390
Year parish was established: 1950
Number of households: 92
Pastor/Parochial Administrator: Fr. Showri Jojappa Pasala “Joseph”
Weekend Mass for this parish only: 4 p.m. Saturday; Saturday Vigil Mass time: 4 p.m.
Sunday Mass time(s): 9 a.m. (Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend)

Describe your faith community
“Our faith community is located in the northwest corner of Vilas County, one mile south of the Wisconsin/Michigan Upper Peninsula border.

Many of our parishioners are part-time residents, as Presque Isle is a vacation destination as well as a retirement community.

Therefore, we experience a significant increase in the number of parishioners and visitors during the summer months as well as during the Christmas season.

“When visitors come to our parish, they will …
notice the tranquil surroundings, including the scenic view of Little Horsehead Lake.
They will also notice the well-maintained grounds and beautiful seasonal plants. They may notice the simplicity of the structure and the mix of parishioners dressed casually as well as those in formal attire.

We welcome all visitors with a smile and invite them to share in all our activities.”

In what way(s), does your parish proclaim the Gospel with its actions?
“We are very generous in helping people in need both locally as well as those outside of the area. Our Altar Society helps raise funds and gather donations to assist St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the St. Vincent Mission in Kentucky, the Community Food Pantry and many other local organizations that help those in need. Other activities led by the Altar Society include: blood drives, dinners and gatherings for parishioners as well as activities geared towards children, the elderly and those who are limited.”

What is something about your parish most people might not know?
“Prior to the church opening in 1950, home Masses for the Catholics were provided by a priest from Bessemer. The first church was very small and was built on property that was donated in 1949. Another piece of property was donated in 1966, and the church was expanded in 1967.”