March 24, 2020

My Dear Friends in Christ:

With notices from the CDC regarding COVID -19 updated almost daily, parishioners are encouraged to still do what they can to keep holy the Lord’s day, especially during the Easter Season, by following Mass on TV or online. You can also make a Spiritual Communion, or other practices, like a silent prayer, reading Scripture, praying the rosary, or other prayerful devotions.

During this time of crisis with the cancellation of all public celebrations of the Mass, I urge all of us who are able financially to remember Stewardship to your parish and the Diocese of Superior. As with your own personal bills, the bills of running the Diocese and your local parish do not stop. At this time we do not know even if the Federal Stimulus Package is passed if churches and other non-profits will qualify for it. Please take the time to visit your parish website and sign up for online giving or mail your offertory envelope to your local parish.

If your parish does not offer online giving, you can still give securely to your local parish on the Diocesan website ( through our initiative called Today for Tomorrow.

Our local parishes, as well as the entire 16 county Diocese, are completely dependent upon your financial support for programs, services, and ministries. Without it, they will not be able to pay bills, staff, etc. We want to assure that the parishes we return to after the crisis are strong and in good health. God will provide, no doubt, but He still needs you to do your part!

I know our parishes, Priests and parish laity are praying for us hard and are there to help with whatever our needs are, let us continue to pray and fully support them as much as we can as well. This will pass and our places of worship will get through this too when we come together with support.

Thanking you for your life of stewardship and faith, I am Gratefully yours in the Lord,

Most Rev. James P. Powers
Bishop of Superior