My dear brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Superior:

There are two especially important political issues going on in Wisconsin right now; one the April 4th State Supreme Court election, and two, the state budget process. Both issues will have a significant impact on our state in the years to come, addressing education, jobs, abortion, health care, housing, redistricting and more.

These issues are important, and I ask that you take seriously your obligation, your responsibility as a faithful Catholic citizen to pray, educate and advocate. Pray to God for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in our state’s political leaders’ decisions. Educate yourself about the Supreme Court candidates and the budget issues. There are additional “Faithful Citizenship” resources available on the Wisconsin Catholic Conference website.

Advocate for the things that matter to us as Catholics by contacting your state legislators to share your concerns with them. It is also vital that on April 4th you follow your formed conscience and vote in a way to bring your Catholic values to the world.

We have important opportunities to do our part to protect human life and dignity and to promote the common good in our state in the coming weeks. Please get engaged through prayer, education, and advocacy.

I remain sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. James P Powers
Bishop, Diocese of Superior

Bishop James P. Powers