Looking across a barren field on a frosty morning, I see an abstract quilt of colors and textures. Scraggily golden cornstalks, dark stripes of ploughed land, stripped grayed soybeans, dried-down alfalfa.

Everything looks dead, but we know God provided a fruitful harvest. Next spring, green will grow again.

We come to Christmas perhaps exhausted, bereft, frozen. This has been a trying year. But beneath the frost lies rich soil, and with the light and warmth of Christmas, seeds of hope will germinate and grow.

However this Christmas finds you, may it fill you with peace, beauty and the quiet love of a parent gazing down with wonder at a newborn child.

If everything around us has gone dormant, than perhaps it is time for us, too, to rest and replenish our bodies, minds and spirits for a better year ahead.

Wishing you a blessed, joy-filled Christmas and a restful New Year.