GLOBAL.From the editorDear Catholic Herald readers,

As Lent is a time for renewal and new beginnings, the Catholic Herald is going to use this season to start a new feature beginning with the issue of Feb. 26. It’s called “Welcome to our parish.” In that and subsequent issues, we plan to feature one parish.

We have three reasons for doing this.

First, the Herald is the Catholic community newspaper. Just as your town’s paper reports what is happening there, we report what is happening in the Catholic community – be it in parishes, the diocese and/or the world. All of these entities are part of the Catholic “community,” but we know the one that has the biggest impact upon your faith life is your parish.

Second, most members are proud of their parish. They like being a part of that faith community. What we hope to do is provide your parish, through your pastor, with the opportunity to let others know about that parish pride.

Third, it’s a simple way for members of the Catholic community – even when that community spans more than 15,000 square miles like the Diocese of Superior – to get to know what other members of the Catholic community do in their parishes.

Given that the Catholic Herald serves 103 parishes, and that we publish 26 issues per year, it will take approximately four years for us to feature every parish. We’ll move from deanery to deanery, randomly selecting a parish to feature. Please be patient. We’ll eventually get to your parish.

We look forward to introducing you to parishes throughout the diocese, and providing your parish with its moment in the Herald spotlight.

In the meantime, have a blessed and spiritually fulfilling Lent.

Brian Olszewski