You can see the deepening of faith in the eyes. I was thinking that Sunday while chatting with Sr. Trish Erickson at the Carmelite monastery in Hudson. I interviewed Sr. Trish in 2015, before her first profession of vows; she will profess her final vows in April.

Sr. Trish was a pleasure to speak with then, as she is now, and I also observed a deep peacefulness she’s gained in her years of formation. That sense of peace is something I always associate with convents, Mass and monasteries – a tiny taste of heaven, perhaps, here on earth – and something I miss when, headed back home, I’m confronted by raunchy hiphop while flipping through radio stations.

If living in the world has its challenges – the incessant noise and utter unintelligence of American culture, just to name a couple – at least we know where to find peace.

Anita Draper