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The success of the National Eucharistic Revival depends on each one of us

By |2022-06-16T05:55:53-05:00June 16, 2022|Guest columns|

A year and a half after the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops voted to proceed with a National Eucharistic Revival, this weekend -- the feast of Corpus Christi, observed -- marks the official launch.

He is risen – He is not here

By |2022-04-11T12:06:04-05:00April 16, 2022|Bishop messages|

My sisters and brothers, once again the GOOD NEWS of the empty tomb resounds in our hearts and minds. HE IS RISEN – THE STONE HAS BEEN REMOVED – THE TOMB IS EMPTY. Jesus’ death on the cross has been transformed into the glory of the resurrection and the hope, joy, and peace of our Lord’s victory over sin and death. By the power of God’s love for us, we have been saved.

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