Extreme Faith Camp strengthens mind, body, heart, soul

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Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of helping out with the Diocese of Superior’s Extreme Faith Camp. Extreme Faith Camp is a weeklong summer camp full of fun and fellowship, as middle school-aged campers and their high school leaders grow deeper together in their relationship with Christ.

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Corralling my daughters as Mass ended, I routinely sang the recessional’s lyrics, yet they touched a poignant place inside. In high school I often attended the 7 a.m. daily Mass with my dad, and “Faith of our Fathers” was a popular hymn among the “old-timers” crowd.

Diocese’s general dispensation lifted

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As I begin writing this letter on the Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church, I pray that Mary may intercede on behalf of all of us and that we might more fully open our hearts and minds to the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit given to us anew on the Feast of Pentecost. Once again during this time of COVID, we are reminded of the infinite love of our God.

Vaccine mandates and Catholic colleges

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In a recent statement from the National Catholic Bioethics Center on COVID-19 vaccines, we noted that the Catholic Church “neither requires nor forbids” the use of vaccines, but instead urges people to “form their consciences and to carefully discern the moral and prudential issues involved.”

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