Editor’s note: This is first in a series of updates on the Diocese of Superior’s efforts to move from Maintenance to Mission. Contact Steve Tarnowski, , with any questions.

Following the diocesan-wide all-deanery meeting on planning and evangelization on March 10, led by Bishop James P. Powers and the Diocesan Planning Team, parishes are being called upon to reevaluate their current operations and make a concerted effort to transition from maintenance mode to active mission engagement. This initiative comes as part of a broader strategy aimed at revitalizing parish communities and ensuring their long-term sustainability in an evolving landscape.

At the forefront of this call to action is the imperative to examine data and projections for the coming years. Parishes are encouraged to assess whether continuing with traditional approaches will yield desired outcomes or if adjustments are necessary to adapt to changing demographic and societal trends. By taking a proactive stance and analyzing data trends, parishes can better position themselves for success over the next five to 10 years.

While contemplating potential changes, the diocese advises against immediate alterations to Mass times. Instead, the focus is on conducting a thorough review of parish organization and clustering. Parishes are urged to critically evaluate their current structures and consider whether they are optimized for effective mission outreach. This involves evaluating whether parish clusters are strategically organized to make the most of available resources and encourage collaborative endeavors.

Furthermore, parishes are encouraged to reflect on their progress in advancing mission objectives alongside compatible partner parishes. Emphasis is placed on fostering partnerships that complement each other’s strengths and enhance collective efforts toward spreading the Gospel message.

The diocese’s call to action underscores the importance of proactive engagement and strategic planning within parish communities. By embracing this shift from maintenance to mission, parishes can ensure their continued vitality and effectiveness in serving their congregations and fulfilling their broader mission in the years to come.