Isaiah Haag gets ready to take a swing at a devil piñata at the Michaelmas event organized by Stephanie Hurtubise for families in Rice Lake. (Submitted photo)

Drawing on traditions surrounding the centuries-old celebration of Michaelmas – the Sept. 29 feast day of the archangels, St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael – children in Rice Lake gathered for outdoor activities.

A story about St. Michael was read. Blackberry crumble was served, a traditional food based on the legend of Satan spitting on the plant after falling in them when cast out of heaven.

Children used toys to sword-play, pretending to be in St. Michael’s army battling the devil.

Organizer Stephanie Hurtubise said that coloring pages were provided “for the less rambunctious” and the devil piñata was “heartily whacked by the children and met its demise.”