Jenny Snarski
Catholic Herald Staff

When Bishop James P. Powers reorganized the Diocese of Superior’s Office of Vocations two years ago, it resulted in two primary initiatives – the inclusion of a vocations team to assist and work with the vocations director, and a specific vocations-focused curriculum for schools and religious education programs to teach from.

Peggy Schoenfuss, superintendent of schools and director of the Office of Catholic Formation, evaluated information included in current religion textbooks and investigated supplemental curriculums. They chose a program that would benefit both schools and religious education programs, “Vocation Lessons,” a ministry of Vianney Vocations.

Through the diocese’s membership, teachers and catechists have access to all materials online. It includes four lessons for schools and one for religious education – all with the same content, just condensed for the after-school programs. Use of the program has been made mandatory for school and catechetical curriculum.

“Vocation Lessons” helps students listen to God’s call for their lives – whether to marriage, the priesthood, or religious life.

Further resources for discernment to the priesthood can be obtained by contacting the Diocesan Office of Vocations or one of the members of the Diocesan Vocations Team: Fr. Thomas Thompson, Fr. Andrew Ricci, Fr. Randy Knauf, Fr. Patrick McConnell, Fr. David Neuschwander, Fr. John Anderson, Fr. Adam Laski or Christine Newkirk.

Director of Ecclesial Ministries and Diocesan Consultation Chris Newkirk expressed her gratitude “to the many generous people throughout the diocese who pray for and support our seminarians in so many ways.”

She requested continued prayers, “for our priests, deacons, seminarians, women religious and all young men who are called to the priesthood, as well as for married life and our families to be placed of enriched faith and healthy discernment of all vocations.”

Newkirk offered a final “spoiler alert.” She said, “In the near future, the Diocese of Superior will be launching a new Vocations Website, with an overall theme of ‘Called North.’ This new website will have many resources for those discerning, for families, parishes and much more. Be on the lookout.”

A formal announcement will be made once the site is ready to launch.