Carolyn Coblentz, teacher at St. Francis de Sales in Spooner, rides her makeshift stationary bike in the rain. Coblentz and her fellow teachers weathered snow, rain and sleet during the afternoon of April 3 to wave to their students from the sidewalk – maintaining social distance – as families stopped by the school to collect packets to continue the distance learning module in place under the extended COVID-19 restrictions.

Superintendent Peggy Schoenfuss sent this reminder: “With the at-home instruction and requirements, it may seem like everything is standing still. Unfortunately, this is the normal time of year where we are registering students for next schools year. It is important that families register for next school year so we can ensure the continuity of learning for the children. Teachers are working hard to provide instruction right now, and are also starting their planning for next school year. We look forward to everyone returning to our schools in the fall.” (Catholic Herald photo by Jenny Snarski)