The Diocese of Superior’s Charismatic Renewal Service Committee is rolling out a “Life in the Spirit” toolkit for parishes ahead of the Solemnity of Pentecost on May 28.

A “Life in the Spirit” seminar is a spiritual process of seven sessions that build upon each other. They include presentations, prayer, praise and worship music with small group discussions.

Originally developed in May 2019, the materials were revised in February with input from Fr. Dean Buttrick, Fr. Jerry Harris and Diocese of Green Bay Bishop David Ricken. The toolkit is based on a book by Therese Boucher and is free to use by parishes planning a seminar.

In addition to providing toolkits for interested prayer groups and parishes, the Charismatic committee is available to answer questions and acquire prayer facilitators for local events.

To request a toolkit or get direction on its use, contact Mary Joan Sutton at or June Wittbrot at 7815-829-2143. Fr. Jerry Harris, diocesan liaison for the Charismatic Renewal committee, is available at 715-268-7717. Visit for more.