Br. Paschal of the Franciscan Brothers of Peace speaks with New Richmond Catholic youths via Zoom. With Br. Didacus, the Franciscans shared about their religious life, their vocation stories and a tour of their friary. (Submitted photo)

In lieu of being able to visit the friary of the Franciscan Brothers of Peace in St. Paul, Minnesota, two brothers offered to share a virtual tour with ninth-grade students of Immaculate Conception Parish in New Richmond.

Another virtual visit took place with Diocese of Superior college seminarian Ben Schmitt of Somerset.

Youth Minister Kendra Mitchell commented that parish formation staff have been attentive to carrying out youth ministry and Catholic formation in new and innovative ways.

“This has caused many of our volunteer leaders to take a leap of faith jumping into more independent small groups, with guidance from staff, giving us a glimpse of what our vision has been to move towards youth formation through discipleship groups,” she said.

“In a sense, the coronavirus restrictions have simplified our ministry,” she added, “bringing us back to the core of our walk with others in their faith journey.”

They have done this with personal check-ins, weekly prayer and accountability, Scripture reflection and by providing a community of like-minded, faith-filled peers.