Ss. Peter and Paul.GIlmanSs. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
315 E. Davlin Street. Gilman, WI  54433
Phone: 715-447-8510
Year parish was established: 1910
Number of households:  77
Parochial Administrator: Fr. Madanu Sleeva Raju
Weekend Mass: Sunday, 8:30 a.m.

Describe your faith community

“Ss. Peter and Paul’s Catholic Community is filled with people who give of their time, talent and treasure to make the parish a joyful community. Parishioners lovingly greet their pastor, Fr. Madanu Sleeva Raju, before and after Mass. Liturgical ministries involve many parishioners. Some set up for Mass, some are greeters, readers and Communion ministers.

Celebrations abound with the Ladies Guild providing food for Family Sundays, funerals, first Communions, confirmations, birthdays, religious education ice cream socials for the lower grades, and pizza and soda for the upper grades.

The Knights of Columbus are available for maintenance of the church buildings and grounds, for their famous fish fry during Lent and bazaar fundraiser. They contribute to many charitable works.”

“When visitors come to our parish, they will …

… be welcomed by the pastor, secretary, religious education director, and maintenance person, who listen graciously to all who come to the office. Visitors will be cordially greeted on Sundays by the ministers of hospitality holding the doors for them.

“On the first Sunday of the month, all would become aware that the rosary is being prayed together and on every Sunday during May and October. Visitors will find that Family Sunday is being celebrated with the religious education students greeting all and handing them the hymnal. Students are the readers, ushers, and presenters of the gifts to the priest.

“Visitors will see a well-kept, well-lit church appropriately decorated for the season. Christmas and Easter are outstanding in their beauty, decorated by the liturgical committee and helpers. After Mass, the gathering space is filled with the joyful sounds of greetings, laughter, and willingness to visit and share their lives with others.”

In what ways does your parish proclaim the Gospel with its actions?

“Jesus taught us to love God and love others. Parishioners and pastor visit the elders of the community and take communion to the sick. The parish supports the children’s religious education teachers and programs. Parishioners spread the joy of the Gospel in their places of business, in their homes and in their fun times such as fishing, bowling and planned outings.

“The Pregnancy Resource Center Abiding Care in Medford is supported by the parish. Food is collected for the food pantry in Medford. They give to the CSA and support the blood drive at the parish. Parishioners are involved as KofCs, EMTs, nurses, teachers, and support many worthwhile causes in the church, community and world. Donations are given by the KofCs to fire and disaster victims, and to those needing medical assistance.”

What is something about your parish that most people do not know?

“Fr. Sleeva, the pastor, began Friday morning breakfasts after the 8 o’clock Mass. It is potluck and has turned out to be a friendly gathering of pastor and people who come to the Friday Mass and then share and socialize together. Fr. Sleeva has cooked his food, made in the way of India, to various groups in the parish. He is an excellent cook.

Stations of the Cross are prayed before all the Masses during Lent. At Easter, the blessing of homes is offered by the pastor to those who request it. Healing Masses are offered on the first Friday of the month with the anointing of the sick.

Family Sundays on the first Sunday of the month encourage the participation of the parents and students of religious education. They sing a special song during the liturgy.

In the choir, men’s and women’s voices blend in strongly leading the parish participation.”