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‘Posadas’ punctuate preparations for Christmas

By |2021-12-30T12:57:35-06:00January 7, 2022|Local News|

After the Advent season of waiting, the contemplative scene of Christmas centers around the manger. During the novena of Christmas, one tradition in the Spanish-speaking world punctuates the final days of preparation before celebrating the Nativity of Jesus.

Ashland Catholic school requests budget blessings

By |2021-12-30T13:05:31-06:00January 6, 2022|Local News|

For 140 years, “God bless you” is a short and powerful prayer that has been uttered countless times at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School in Ashland. In a letter penned by Fr. Jerome D’Souza, parochial administrator for the Ashland cluster of parishes, the priest requests that those who have been blessed by the school consider returning that blessing.

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